Funkatopia named “Lego my ego” named as one of their 20 best funk albums of 2023!

“Swindler is a newcomer to the Funkatopia Best Funk list, but we have a feeling it won’t be their last appearance. Their latest album Lego My Ego is easy to see that the album was heavily inspired by The Meters as evidenced by the opening track Dizzy.
Based in Seattle, Washington like the aforementioned Polyrhythmics, it’s becoming evident that Seattle is slowly becoming less of a breeding ground for grunge and more of a hotbed for funk. The album is embedded with funk jam sessions that all take on many different faces and styles as each song progresses. It’s perfect for people who like to vibe out while they work, but want their music based on a strong funk groove. This will become your go-to.”

“My fellow 4Peakers and I are major Swindler fans these days, as they were one of the highlights for many of us at the 2019 4 Peaks Music Festival. Fun fact!”
~ Stacy Koff, Owner, 4 Peaks Presents

Relix Magazine – March 2018 newsletter

“Swindler is leading the jamband scene in the Pacific Northwest with their unique brand of Psychedelic Funk. Catch them on the road this summer supporting their new live album.”

Relix Magazine March 2018 digital sampler

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City Arts Magazine – February 2017 Volume 11 Number 6

“Listening to KEXP’s Sonarchy program late one Sunday night, I was shocked to hear what I swore was Phish launching into one of their patented, loose-but-tight space-jam excursions. Turns out I was actually hearing a live set by Seattle band Swindler, an improve-heavy ‘funk jazz fusion” quartet that’s been playing around the city since 2013. For some people, that mix-up will be a warning; for others, a siren song. Because whatever secret ingredient is inside Phish’s special sauce, Swindler is cooking with it too.”

Nectar Lounge – Seattle November 2017

“..Amazing jazz, funk and psychedelic rock fusion group!”

The Stranger – February 2017

“Fusing jazz,soul,funk and blues into a sonic monstrosity..”